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Hello! This is Fuu Team's submission for My First Game Jam 2018's Winter run. At present it is a prototype for a speed-oriented 3D platformer. There is one level to explore. If an enemy shoots or rams into you, the level resets.

This game was designed around using an xboc 360 controller, but should be doable with any given controller. That said, other controller button layouts might be slightly different, and you may have to experiment if using a different controller.


Left stick moves Fuu, right stick rotates the camera.

A Button -> jump
A Button (in air) -> glide
B Button -> spin (animation present but unimplimented)
X Button (on ground) -> Burst Dash
Y Button (on ground) -> Rocket boost (hold for higher boost)

Thank you for playing!

Credits, in no particular order:

Music: Laryssa Chan
Programming/Production: Solace Eternal
Art and animation: Kevin Cannon, Anastasia Korolev, Megan Maniago, nirwana.96, CaitWIN
SFX: dtangney
Design/Art Direction: Shoutscion(@shoutscion)
Level Design: Plum


Fuu Game [prototype] 0.11 MFGJ build.zip 14 MB

Install instructions

Download, unzip and enjoy. Make sure your controller is plugged in before running!

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